Monday Sketchbag

I’m testing out the excellent MarsEdit and seeing how it will handle an excerpt and an image-heavy post. Can it handle image resizing? Send different sizes to WordPress? Post my excerpt to Let’s find out!

Here are some choice morsels torn from the sketchbook.

IMG 0221

Whisper of the Heart is the most underrated Ghibli movie. It’s quiet, intimate, and does an excellent job of telling a coming of age story filled with very well observed aspects of Tokyo daily life.

IMG 0212

The Memorial to Robert Gould Shaw and Massachusetts Fifty-Fourth Regiment in Boston, work in progress. I drew this one in Procreate in iPad (yes, yes, I know. I am completely sure that some CEO out there thinks this name is just the cleverest thing ever and no-one has the courage to sit him down for some real talk). I love the way the Memorial takes such time and care with the individual soldiers. Look how each person is sculpted as a unique individual. If you’re in Boston, stop by The Common and see the Memorial, which is right in front of the State House.

I am starting to get the hang of drawing electronically, and am becoming more comfortable with it. Still, I feel that the work I’m most pleased with are those I have done on paper. Then again, that may be because I’m still not nearly as masterful on the iPad as I am with pencil, paper, and watercolor or ink. Perhaps there are satisfying electronic works in my future.

IMG 9861

A little decorative initial I created for The Cloud of Unknowing, a Medieval text of Christian Mysticism. This one is pencil on paper. Water soluble graphite to be more specific. By putting the monk in a Zazen sitting, I’m drawing some attention to the harmonies between the Cloud author’s eponymous cloud of unknowing and the Zen rejection of epistemology and ontology more generally. I’m looking to do some writing soon on Thomas Merton and mysticism (both Christian and Buddhist) more generally.

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