“Celebrating” Steve Ditko

Kim O’Connor is the author of one of my favorite comics blogs on the internet, and she is on fire with her latest post. She writes “Since his death was announced on Friday there’s been an outpouring of intensely sociopathic stories from the people men who stalked him, pestered him, or asked him for favors, presented as though they’re some sort of celebration of his life and work.” I have to admit I hadn’t really considered it in this way, even though I had read a couple of these stories, but once she points it out, it’s pretty obvious and I feel a bit embarrassed for not figuring it out on my own. Still, that’s the sign of a good writer.

This is also extremely relatable: “To feel compelled to participate in comics, yet want to keep its culture at arm’s length…well, I guess you’re either the kind of person who finds that incomprehensible, or someone who thinks that sounds relatively normal and sane.”

Her blog, The Shallow Brigade, is an awesome throwback to the pre-social media blogosphere, with the kind of bomb-throwing and holding forth that most people fritter away in Twitter these days; go forth and put it in your RSS reader.

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