Tales from the Crypt: the Original Machiavelli Pages from 2002

The very origin of the Machiavelli graphic novel started out in a competition for the SPX 2002 anthology. The theme was historical biography, so I was primed and ready to go with this idea I had to do a comic about Niccolò. I created six pages of art which were accepted and appeared in SPX 2002. I also created my first minicomics to bring to the expo. Here I am showing one to guest of honor Eddie Campbell.

Here are the original pages. If you’ve read the book, you will recognize it as the six page prologue, which I redid completely when I started the book in earnest. I still like the hand lettering, even though it is basically illegible, especially on the second page. But it still looks very nice, kind of like an illuminated manuscript you can’t read. (click on images to enlarge)



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